Worth and self-esteem

Everyone has been really influenced by the media sometime in their lives life. I’m gonna guess it has also played a partial part in lowering your self-esteem and confidence. In the day and age I live in, my generation is being constantly bombarded by constant “perfect body images” for both genders and it frustrates me to see the toll it takes on people’s self worth. Magazines are all photoshopped for their pictures…to the point where as I’m looking through them, I have to remind myself that the models I’m looking at have put on layers of makeup and been through lots of photo-editing. Continue reading

My weird (and awkward) book relationship

Even though most teens don’t read books a lot anymore, (at least in my school), unless they’re for English, I still do. For 99% of my friends, everyone’s always on their phone/electronic, etc. for most of the day, but me, I like putting aside some time everyday for reading a good book. I like books, especially romance novels. I like pretending I’m the protagonist in each book, or the omniscent-third person POV. Exploring the relationships that occur can be really interesting. Some of my friends have told me that I should just “find a boyfriend,” but honestly it’s not that easy. Continue reading

A monologue adapted from Finding Nemo

Hey guys,

It’s getting late, but here’s a monologue that I just wrote adapted from one of my favorite childhood movies, Finding Nemo. It’s just adapted from the actual movie, so it doesn’t completely go along with the plot; more of a relationship story adaptation.

Hey, oh look, it’s you again. Well you look so much better than before. I still remember a while ago when you were my Nemo and I was…I was kinda Marlin. We were a great pair. I protected you and you showed me the world beyond what I could have ever imagined. We lived so happily. Then one day, whie you were at school, your curiousity got the better of you. You decided to wonder off and touch the boat. I finally found you afterwards, but it was too late. You got stolen from my side. For the next year or so, I would spend the rest of my life figuring out clues on how to find you. I wish your curiousity never took you this far, but unfortunately, it was too late. Now as I reflect back on our moments spent together, I wish I could have changed your personality more. I wish I could foresee the consequences of your flaws, so that we’d stay together forever, but it’s too late. Time wouldn’t go back for anyone. I can only accept that it’s part of life and that I need to move on with life even though you’re not home anymore. I was forced to end your chapter in my story, but I will love you forever

Did you enjoy it?

October Favorites

Hey guys!

I apologize for slacking off on blogging for most of the past two weeks due to scrambling to finish my assignments for the upcoming mid-term reports – which are usually inaccurate anyways. However, I haven’t done monthly favorites at all this month, so I decided to do one right now! Here is my list of what’s “readworthy” this month, enjoy! Also don’t forget to add me on Goodreads as well if you haven’t already! Continue reading