Are you really living your life?

Hey peeps,

I reflect and assess my life a lot these days. When you’re one year away from university, you begin to evaluate your goals, dreams, future, progress, basically anything related to where you think you may be headed Continue reading

5 things to do during the break

Hello people!
Alright March break is here and everyone’s gone on vacation…except me. Since the timing’s never right and travelling is too expensive, I brainstormed a list of things to do during the break, so that I would stay Continue reading

Written Wednesday: Dreaming of Wonderland + blog update!

Hey guys!

Alright, it seems like blogging three times a week isn’t exactly working for me; I can do Written Wednesday and Friday, but sometimes I get songwriter’s block, so I decided to chance the schedule up a bit. From now on, Continue reading

Saturday tips: avoiding late posts

I’m almost certain that every blogger out there has been late on posting at least once. If you haven’t, then I totally admire you on your ability to stay on track for this long. However I know most of us have had that one late post Continue reading