Hi there! I’m Jinjin, a high school senior who blogs about life as a student with a passion for the arts! This includes everything from design to music. I created this blog to showcase my projects to other people like me who have a creative passion too. My aim is to build a community for artists to share and bond through creativity.

If you stumbled upon my page, you’re probably an artist in the making, trying to find your place in this world, that tells you that “you’re a starving artist.” I used to be in that position too, once upon a time. However, as I watched Youtube videos of my favorite role models; Michelle Phan, Blogilates, Bethany Mota, and Sophia Amoruso (badass entrepreneur), I’ve learned that if you’re passionate enough about your talent, you’ll find a way to succeed.

My belief is that, in this day and age, where the media can be used to promote the arts, gone are the days that the only sustainable careers are found in the sciences fields. The arts could be a good career choice as well. Through this blog, I hope to prove to you that artists don’t need to starve to pursue their passions; we can live a life as enjoyable as everyone else.

With that said, come and join me…through exploring the arts!

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