Cruelty free drugstore makeup

Ever since i’ve switched to going cruelty free, the list of brands has been drastically smaller and it gets harder to find products that meet all the requirements, are affordable and that actually work. Especially since I live in Canada, where the variety is extremely limited, it’s really hard to find good products without breaking the bank. Unlike our American counterparts, there’s no Ulta or Walgreens available here. Only Shoppers, Rexall and Walmart. However, after doing some intense exploring on Pinterest and trying out different brands, I’ve been able to find a few reliable brands. The only downside is that except for NYX, the rest of the brands have a limited selection of products in Toronto than they’re sold elsewhere. Continue reading

BH Cosmetics haul

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Hey again!

I know I’ve been on a four month hiatus now, mainly because of school work – gr.12 is crazy when you have two maths, and I really missed the blogging world. Another reason is because I’ve gotten into the world of beauty and I’m trying to experiment with makeup to see what works for me – and my prom is coming up! Continue reading

Cruelty free makeup brands

Ever since I’ve gotten into beauty for the past year, I’ve been on the lookout for inexpensive quality makeup that I can try out and experiment with. Most of my friends wear a bit of makeup for school and they’re all pretty passionate about enhancing their facial features a teeny bit more while keeping it au naturel. Continue reading

Flaws are what makes us real|Inspiration of the day

I was recently browsing through my twitter feed, when I came across this screenshot of a Tumblr post. Little did I know that this one single post would change my perspective on flawless skin and a perfect body forever. I, like many teen girls, had grown up with idea that flaws and imperfections on your body are a disadvantage, that they should be covered up as much as possible, that perfect, blemish-free skin is ideal to looking attractive. A day ago, my belief towards skin was always “who wants to see any kind of blemish on my skin? I want perfect skin, without ANY acne, black spots or wrinkles!” in fact, for the past couple of months, I’ve been avoiding consuming any foods that were deep-fried or declared unhealthy by my family, which limited my diet to vegetables, fruit, grain, nuts and a bit of meat, no candy/junk food). Continue reading

My latest favorite book!

Wow. It’s already December. School honestly does make life pass by so fast, too fast sometimes. Sorry for not posting much this week, I’ve been trying to come up with more ideas to blog about, and spending time on Youtube a little too much. At the moment, I’m trying to plan and execute a holiday music video shoot for one of my goals for this month (music video, house renos, books-to-read and songwriting). If I can film in on time, I’ll definitely post it here! Continue reading

Worth and self-esteem

Everyone has been really influenced by the media sometime in their lives life. I’m gonna guess it has also played a partial part in lowering your self-esteem and confidence. In the day and age I live in, my generation is being constantly bombarded by constant “perfect body images” for both genders and it frustrates me to see the toll it takes on people’s self worth. Magazines are all photoshopped for their pictures…to the point where as I’m looking through them, I have to remind myself that the models I’m looking at have put on layers of makeup and been through lots of photo-editing. Continue reading